Reflecting Value

S2 Ep 1: The digital r(evolution)?

March 14, 2022

This episode explores the different ways that cultural organisations and practitioners use the digital to engage with audiences. We explore the role of Tik-Tok in growing engaged audiences; how the digital can help build connections with communities at a hyper-local level; and the ways in which African communities are taking back ownership of their heritage through the process of digitization.


  • Rebecca Black (Royal Opera House) on the ways in which the Royal Opera House uses TikTok to be more playful with its audiences. [02:20 – 07:53]
  • Dr Harry Weeks (University of Newcastle) on the impacts of COVID-19 on museums and how the digital is helping them to connect with communities at a hyper-local level [08:38 – 17:12]
  • Chao Tayiana (African digital heritage specialist) [18:09 – 28:00]

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